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what we do


Report Writing

We have produced thousands of reports for hundreds of Homecare and Hospice agencies.  Utilizing that experience we can take your operational and patient care knowledge and convert it into the custom reports you need to streamline your operations.


Data Migration

If you have the data we have the skills needed to move it where you need it.  With our experience in migrating dozens of different homecare systems, we can migrate your data to and from just about anywhere, in any format, using any technology.


Data Integration

By using advanced data integrations, such as HL7 interfaces, agencies can realize the benefits of integrating existing information systems without major re-investment.  We can also link systems outside of your agency to third party vendors and other data sources, creating a seamless system for operational or reporting requirements.



Application Development

At SPR, our mission is to create applications that perform the functions unique to your agency. Most healthcare systems are either too generalized and do not meet all the individual needs, or too flexible and lead to operational inefficiency. Our approach can lead to software that complements your specialized needs, improving productivity and patient care.


Mobile Development

Today’s users require applications that allow access on their own terms.  Web, tablet or phone based –  SPR can provide the solutions to meet that need.  We can design, create and securely host whatever you need to meet your specific agency needs.




Homecare Analytic Toolset (HAT)

SPR’s Homecare Analytic Toolset (HAT) allows you to seamlessly merge data from multiple sources, in multiple formats, to help streamline your reporting and analytics processes.  By merging every technology – reports, dashboards, analytics and ad-hoc queries – with all of your data – EMRs, third party systems, spreadsheets or just about anything else – HAT produces a single source for all the answers you need.


Document Control (DOC)

Document Control (DOC) provides a performance driven, customizable solution for your document management needs.  This application integrates directly with your current EMR system to provide a single spot to track, print and control all of you clinical documentation.



eSign Physician Portal (eSIGN)

SPR’s eSign Portal provides a simple, cost-effective system to streamline your physician signature process and improve revenue flow.  With direct integration to our Document Control system, eSign merges e-mail, the web and your physician’s mobile devices to create a simple one step system for you to get your signatures fast.

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