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document control

Track, Print and control all your documents from single location

Document Control (DOC) provides a performance driven, customizable solution for your document management needs.  This application integrates directly with your current EMR system to provide a single spot to track, print and control all of you clinical documentation.

DOC allows you to find the documents you need, get them to the physician the way you want and make sure they get signed, driving revenue and improving operations.  The quick, responsive interface, gives you access to multiple selection filters and can even utilize custom data elements.  The main data grid provides even more filtering and grouping capability, allowing you to not only find unsigned documents, but to figure out why they are not signed.

Then select one, multiple or all of the documents and decide how and what you want to go to the physician.  With email and direct-to-fax integration with various systems, you and your physicians can decide how they get their documents, not your EMR system.  Integrate the documents with customizable fax cover, fax back and physician statement documents to make it as easy as possible for your physicians to review and sign your agencies documentation.

DOC also gives you access to everything the records management team could need.  From patient and physician information directly in the interface, to “special actions” that allow you to stream line the process of getting the documents out the door and getting them approved.

The system includes a user configurable follow-up tracking system that can integrate directly with your patient care follow-up system.  Enter tracking notes, mark the documents for review, as mailed or check them in, all from the same screen.

Add on SPR Consulting’s eSign Physician Signature Portal, and you can “print” the documents directly from DOC to the web, notify the physician that they have items to sign via email and track what has been completed – all without ever printing a thing!